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July 07 2017




Today’s world we use three popular webmail clients like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail. Users are related to the emails account in one of the webmail clients. All of them have unique features and if any user gets fed up it can switch to other webmails.

The difference between Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo?


Hotmail is a web based email clients that stores all the information like calendar, emails, contacts etc. from Microsoft. Hotmail was replaced by Outlook.com.it is one of the most popular free online email services.Hotmail issues related to security flaws that allow everyone to log in.

Various features of hot mail are:

1. It provides unlimited storage options.

2.User can send up to 25mb of attachments with 10 GB of Microsoft sky drive.

3. Its comes with inbuilt ads.

4. It supports automatic email forwarding features.

5. Emails can also be sent from the other email address.

6. You can connect to social media like facebook, twitter.


Gmail :

Gmail is a web-based email client service provided by Google. It makes the use of Ajax.Gmail support customer number is one of the most popular emails queries providers.The Gmail service has an easy design so that even a new user will get in in few minutes.Gmail provides an awesome filtering, which means that you don’t get spam email in your inbox.

Features related to Gmail:

1.it provides 10 GB of storage.

2. The user can send 25mb of attachments with 10 GB of Google Drive.

3.It also supports automatic email forwarding feature.

4.It doesn’t create email aliases.

5.Supports spam-like ads.

6.It's free but for more space, you have to purchase the space from customer portal.

7. User can't connect to the social networking sites. http://emailsupportnumber.org/gmail-support/


Yahoo Mail is a web based email client service by Yahoo. This service is free of cost and comes with paid version as well. It includes Ajax user interface. It does not have a simple design, which can annoy anyone. You can also access Yahoo email via POP and IMAP, which is always good.


1. It provides unlimited storage.

2. Automatic email forwarding feature is only available for Yahoo mail plus member.

3. It supports banner ads.

4. You can send up to 25 MB of attachments only.

5.User can't connect to social networking site using Yahoo emails.


Thanks for reading my article.


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